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Vinnie Bartilucci was a contestant on the syndicated version of Remote Control in 1990. I had the opportunity to chat with Vinnie about his appearance on February 3, 2006, at 4:45 PM (Pacific Time).

DCL: Time to talk "Remote Control." I'd like to start off by saying thank you for doing this.

VB: not a problem

DCL: How did you find out they were holding auditions?

VB: Our housemate at the time heard about it. We all auditioned and were all accepted

DCL: Great! What was your audition process like?

VB: They gave a little written test first. Ten questions about music and tv. After that, they started calling people up to play mock rounds of the game. When they called me up, I got cute - I pulled out my wallet and used it as a prop remote, pointing it at the blackboard that was standing in for the Big TV

DCL: They must have liked that!

VB: got a smile, yeah

VB: Interesting fact - one of the PA's on the show was named Jenna, and she eventually became one of the cast of "Pirate TV", a short-lived series on MTV

DCL: Good bit of trivia.

VB: MTV was very inbred - promotion from within

DCL: When was your episode taped?

VB: Oo, the hard questions first - about a week after Scott's was. Our housemate was Deja - who was on Scott's show (that's how we all met) and my wife was taped the same day.. DCL: How'd your game go?

VB: Not bad, I was pretty pleased. I got the most laughs, and that's really what counts. I lost by five points after the math questions, but I was killing all along

DCL: Only five points?? That hurts!

VB: indeed. I was pulling a (mock) Felix Unger on Password - "Oh what a gyp!"

DCL: So you were sent to the land of parting gifts. Did you get anything worth while?

VB: I got those British Knights sneakers - we still use them. They make great snowshooes

DCL: Yeah. Were you on the syndicated version or the MTV version? VB: Syndicated - which is good, cause I don't know videos for shit. and I'd've KILLED on the bonus round. the catagory was "animals on TV shows" and damnit I knew all ten

DCL: Sounds like something I'd know as well.

VB: I mean really, who else woulda known what show Clarence the Cross-eyed lion was on?

DCL: Not me. Which show was it?

VB: Daktari

DCL: Ah ha. So you "took the ride" back through the wall. Which chair were you in?

VB: Right hand chair. as you look at them, right next to the stage

DCL: I assume that there were some stage hands or some people back behind the trick wall. (Of course, I've bene known to be wrong!) Did they take you out as soon as the cameras went off? Or what was it like back there?

VB: They did have stagehands back there - sometimes you can see them laying the smack down on the hapless contestant

DCL: Oh yeah! I forgot.

VB: I got out right after the music stopped - my chair slid backwards, not the one that flipped up. DCL: Yeah. It was the one that... It's hard to describe, but I know what you're talking about. The wall pannel flipped over... I've got pictures of it on my site. They'll know what were talking about!

VB: So yeah, they get you out fast, and I could see the guy in the bonus round

DCL: Did he win?

VB: Don't think so - didn't get too many answers right, and lost the spin

DCL: Ah. I think that's about all. Anything off the top of your head you'd like to mention? Go ahead and go off if you'd like!

VB: Well, I already told you about the big laughs I got in my email

DCL: Can I post that portion on my site? VB: By all means. (see the bottom of the page for the E-Mail)
The sketches I got were Colin's Brudda, and the Fairy Pixie

DCL: I didn't know thew were still doing the Fairy Pixie in 1990.

VB: Yep - I even did the little leap as he went "Hark!"

DCL: Good times! Anything else you'd like to share?

VB: Think that's about it - it was fun. I've been a game show nut all my life, so actually being on one was a dream come true. I actually got recognized afterwards-it was cool.

DCL: Really? Where?

VB: At a restaurant - the girl taking the order recognized me - knew my name and everything. and at a Comics con months later, a pro I know said he saw it too

DCL: Good stuff! Would it be possible to capture some screen shots of your appearce?

VB: Alas, I never got a copy.

DCL: You never got a copy? I'm sorry to hear that. I guss it would be pretty impossible, then! Did you at least get to see your episode?

VB: No, what a burn-I never caught it. I probably looked fat anyway

DCL: I know how that feels! Thanks for your time, sir! I really apreciate you taking the time to talk about the good old days!


DCL: Thanks again. Take care of yourself.

Here is the E-Mail I reveived from Vinnie:

My show featured appearances by regular question skits "The Fairy Pixie" and "Colin's Brudda" (Denis Leary played show's announcer Colin Quinn's brother; they'd read a question and it always ended in them getting into a proper Irish fist fight.)

Best moment on the show: The question was "On the Addams Family, what did Gomez do to his..." and that's when the other contestant buzzed in. She incorrectly assumed what the rest of the questions was, "Stocks? He...sold them?" Host Ken Ober playfully derided her for not letting him finish the question. I didn't wait. I buzzed in, Ken mockingly called on me...

"He blew them up." (I'd assumed the question was "What did he do with his trains?") Ken just looked at the camera dumbfounded. He folded up the card and put it in his pocket. "I'm not even going to finish the question...it's going to be a secret between Vinnie and me."

Second best moment - the question was to complete the lyric of one of them rock songs the kids seem to like. Both other contestants got it wrong, and having nothing to lose, I buzzed in, and sang "And they called it IRELAND!!!" I was wrong, but I got a response they probably still use as canned laughter to this day.

Thanks again, Vinnie!

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