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UPDATE: September 12, 2016
This site will be moving or going offline by the end of the year. (Most likely moving.)

Welcome to The Basement, the most extensive Remote Control fan site on the internet.

Remote Control was a game show where college kids were tested on their knowledge of television, music, and pop culture that ran on MTV from December 7, 1987 through the summer of 1990. There was also a syndicated version that ran from September, 1989 through the summer of 1990. This version suffered from very poor time slots across the country, usually airing early weekend mornings on independent stations. Three home versions were also released during Remote Control's run.

Feel free to E-Mail me if you have anything to add, or if you were involved with the show in any way, I'd love to talk to you. Enjoy yourself!

Ken Ober and co. How did this show work, anyway? Watch video clips and full episodes at the Remote Control Playhouse.
Read interviews with former contestants about their experiences on the show. Details about the Nintendo Entertainment System game. Details about the computer software version of Remote Control.
Random trivia that really doesn't fit anywhere else on this site. Remote Control-related links. E-Mail your humble correspondent.

Just about everything on this site belongs to MTV & Viacom, no challenges of copyrights are intended. I'm not trying to hijack the show, I just like it a lot.

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