Eastern Expedition - 2004-2008 - Host: Adam Wurtzel (19 Episodes)
My good friend, and fellow game show fan, Adam Wurtzel created this great show at Eastern Connecticut State University, for which I wrote.

Season One (2004):
-Pilot from 2003; Joel/Valerie/Chris [SM, No, VQ=A]
-Episode 101, John/Geordan/Martin; Series Premiere [SM, No, VQ=A]
-Episode 102, Tony/Courtney/Pat; Last show of first semester [SM, No, VQ=A]
-Episode 103, Kelly/Ben/Stephanie; First show with me as writer! [SM, No, VQ=A]
-Episode 104, Austin/Matt/Yinka; Season One finale [SM, No, VQ=A]

Season Two (2005):
-Episode 201, Second season premiere; three of past season's winners compete [SM, No, VQ=A]
-Episode 202, Three of ECSU's professors face off [SM, No, VQ=A]
-Episode 203, Squirrel/Seymour/Josh; First show with co-host Crazy Craig. [SM, No, VQ=A]
-Episode 204, Kevin/Matt/Craig [SM, No, VQ=A]
-Episode 205, Tiff/Pat/Lindsay [SM, No, VQ=A]
-Episode 206, Three cast members of ECSU's play "The Head of Mary" play; technical error costs someone the game (they're invited back next show) [SM, No, VQ=A]
-Episode 207, Emma/Phil/Max; Season Two finale and first ever bonus round win! [SM, No, VQ=A]

Season Three (2006):
-Episode 302, Nick/Tyler/Allen [SM, No, VQ=A]
-Episode 303, Three students from Windham High School compete [SM, No, VQ=A]
-Episode 304, Marvin/Frank/Kirk; Bonus round win! [SM, No, VQ=A]
-Episode 305, Kevin/Liz/Randy, Bonus round wipeout! [SM, No, VQ=A]
-Episode 306, Three of ECSU's administrators play [SM, No, VQ=A]

Season Four (2007):
-Episode 406, Adam & seven other staff members play; Josh Yawn hosts! [SM, No, VQ=A]
-Episode 407, Adam's last episode [SM, No, VQ=A]

Every Second Counts - 1984-1985 - Host: Bill Rafferty (1 Episode)
Has a good format, but to reliant on comedy for my tastes. Would have been much better had it been more serious.

-Patti/Joe vs. Lisa/Paul vs. Rita/Royce; Has slate [SM, No, VQ=B]

Face the Music - 1980-1981 - Host: Ron Ely (29 Episodes)
The ultra-tacky presentation is downright laughable at times. On the other hand, who would have thunk that a Name That Tune/Password Plus hybrid would have worked?

Season One:
-Premiere [USA, No, VQ=B-]
-Joanne/Andy/Scharlene [USA, No, VQ=B]
-Eric/Anita/Adam [USA, No, VQ=B-]
-Fred/Sarah/Al [USA, No, VQ=B-]
-Terri/David/Marlo, Mystery Face: Bob Barker [USA, No, VQ=B]
-Judy/Larry/Annie, Mystery Face: Dick Clark [USA, No, VQ=B-]
-Adam/??/Al; Sarabeth Rothfeld's fifth day [FAM, No, VQ=A-]
-Matt/Kathi/Kam; Sarabeth Rothfeld's ninth day [FAM, Yes, VQ=A]
-Cindy/Isidro/Irma; Sarebeth Rothfeld becomes the first, and only, undefeated champion after her 10th straight win! [FAM, Yes, VQ=A]
-Tom/Bonnie/David [FAM, Yes, VQ=A]
-Judy/Tony/Joan [FAM, Yes, VQ=A]
-Sheila/David/Sue; Sheila is MURDER on that sound man! Interesting group of contestants all around, actually. [FAM, Yes, VQ=A]
-Garet/Jinx/Marc; Pat Kirby's fifth day [FAM, Yes, VQ=A]
-Karen/Bill/Cindi [FAM, Yes, VQ=A]
-Craig/Debbie/John [FAM, Yes, VQ=A]
-Michael/Christina/John [FAM, Yes, VQ=A]
-Sharon/Derek/Karen [FAM, Yes, VQ=A]
-Judy/Luis/Gaylee [FAM, Yes, VQ=A]
-Jeff/Dorothy/Michael; Incredibly weird second round. Michael would also go on to be a big winner on The $100,000 Name that Tune. [FAM, Yes, VQ=A]
-John/Sherry/Michael; Face the Music is the answer to a puzzle in round two [FAM, No, VQ=A-]
-Terri/Dave/Lorrie; $10,000 win! [FAM, Yes, VQ=C+]
-Kathi/Steve/Peggy, Mystery Face: Ron Ely [FAM, Yes, VQ=B]
-Barbara/Mickey/Christina [FAM, No, VQ=B]
-Marcia/Ret/Tamara [USA, Yes, VQ=A-]
-Jim/Pat/Ronn [USA, No, VQ=B-]

Season Two:
-Second season premiere [FAM, No, VQ=A-]
-Gary/Karyn/Larry; $10,000 win! [USA, No, VQ=B]
-Dean/Roxana/Bill; Dean recites the alphabet backwards [USA, Yes, VQ=B]
-Jim/Dale/Mark; Bill goes for his 10th win [FAM, No, VQ=B]

Family Challenge - 1995 - Host: Ray Combs (10 Episodes)
Atrocious hour-long Family Double Dare rip off that tried way too hard.

-Episode 4, October 5; Stromath/Harrison; contestant throws Ray's microphone in his face, drawing blood! [OB, Yes, VQ=A]
-Episode 5, October 6; Miranda/Drager [OB, Yes, VQ=A]
-Episode 9, October 12; Baugh/Moore [OB, Yes, VQ=A]
-Episode 13, October 18; Fields/Cohen [OB, No, VQ=A-]
-Episode 23, November 1; Lampino-Teal/Gorin [OB, Yes, VQ=A]
-Episode 24, November 2; Roque/Evans [OB, Yes, VQ=A]
-Episode 25, November 3; Vackar/Wilhite [OB, Yes, VQ=A]
-Episode 35, November 17; Swain/Pakradouni [OB, Yes, VQ=A]
-Episode 36, November 20; Keyes/Watkins [OB, Yes, VQ=A]
-Episode 39, November 23; Thanksgiving Ice Capades special [OB, Yes, VQ=A-]

Family Feud - 1976-1985 - Host: Richard Dawson (39 Episodes)
Family pride is on the line in this Goodson-Todman classic.

-Pilot [SM, No, VQ=A-]
-Premiere; Mosely/Abramowitz (from GSN's Feud 25) [GSN, No, VQ=A]
-Meares/Sublette [GSN, No, VQ=A-]
-Sublette/Sijder (no open) [GSN, No, VQ=A]
-Odom/Stuebs; Solo Fast Money win [GSN, No, VQ=A-]

-September 12; York/Lewis; Fast Money flameout [GSN, No, VQ=A]
-Cooper/Brown [GSN, No, VQ=A]
-MacFarland/Gunther [GSN, No, VQ=A]
-Jensen/Ayers [GSN, No, VQ=A]

-Tracey/Weidman [GSN, Yes, VQ=A-]
-Dietle/Farrell [BSN, No, VQ=A]

-Farrens/Strom (from GSN's Feud 25) [GSN, No, VQ=A]
-Last episode of Hatfields vs. McCoys (from GSN's Feud 25) [GSN, No, VQ=A]
-Bath/Ohde; Sammy Davis, Jr. does the first round [GSN, No, VQ=A]
-All-Star Special; Love Boat/WKRP in Cincinnati, Soap/Real People [GSN, No, VQ=B+]

-Tanaka/Sullivan; Karen Sullivan (Martin) would later resurface on Press Your Luck demanding a pool table. (from GSN's Feud 25) [GSN, No, VQ=A]
-Weishar/Dickey [GSN, No, VQ=A]
-Week with the 1980 World Series teams, the Kansas City Royals & the Phidelphia Phillies, Monday (no opening) [GSN, No, VQ=A]
-Week with the 1980 World Series teams, the Kansas City Royals & the Phidelphia Phillies, Tuesday [GSN, No, VQ=A]
-Week with the 1980 World Series teams, the Kansas City Royals & the Phidelphia Phillies, Wednesday [GSN, No, VQ=A]
-Week with the 1980 World Series teams, the Kansas City Royals & the Phidelphia Phillies, Thursday [GSN, No, VQ=A]
-Week with the 1980 World Series teams, the Kansas City Royals & the Phidelphia Phillies, Friday [GSN, No, VQ=A]
-Thursday from week with Dallas Cowboys/Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders [GSN, No, VQ=A]
-Hedges/Park [GSN, No, VQ=A]
-Taped on Richard Dawson's birthday, his two sons and daughter-in-law surprise him at the beginning, both teams play Fast Money; Evans/Larson [GSN, No, VQ=A]

-Vallance/Curry (from GSN's Feud 25) [GSN, No, VQ=A]
-Buttice/Johnson; Dawson's future wife is a contestant, Johnny Gilbert announces (from GSN's Feud 25) [GSN, No, VQ=A]
-Caldwell/Thomas [GSN, No, VQ=A]

-Ugoretz/Beggs (no open) [GSN, No, VQ=A]
-Ugoretz/Cato [GSN, No, VQ=A]
-Ugoretz/Armbrust [GSN, No, VQ=A]
-Ugoretz/Abbott; Vince Abbott replaced future Wheel of Fortune host Rolf Benirshke as the Kicker of the San Diego Chargers in 1987 [GSN, No, VQ=A]
-Ugoretz/Sullivan; The Tootsie Pop tree makes its debut [GSN, No, VQ=A]
-Ugoretz/Bockman; The Ugoretz family retires undefeated [GSN, No, VQ=A]
-Lennon Sisters/Sister Sledge [GSN, No, VQ=A-]

-Movie & TV Cowboys/Country Singers [GSN, No, VQ=A-]

-Pugmire/Caplin [GSN, Yes, VQ=A]
-Hollywood Walk of Fame episode [GSN, No, VQ=A-]
-Finale; Murphy/Mackin (from GSN's Feud 25) [GSN, No, VQ=A]

Family Feud - 1988-1994 - Host: Ray Combs (18 Episodes)
I like this version better for some reason, most likely because it's the version I remember watching as a little kid.

-Sambar/Erdman [GSN, No, VQ=A]
-Van Dam/Thurman [GSN, No, VQ=A]
-The 1988 World Series teams, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Oakland Athletics, play (no open) [GSN, No, VQ=A]
-Priestly/Rambert; Ray asks bogus questions in Fast Money after ONE player amasses 200 points! GSN split screen, but ending theme dubbed over advertisements [BSN, No, VQ=A]
-David/McGinn [GSN, No, VQ=A]

-$60,000 Willer-Take-All Jackpot Tournament Finals; Murria/Guerrero [GSN, No, VQ=A-]
-Cole/Kodama [GSN, No, VQ=A]
-Crawford/Lorenze [GSN, No, VQ=A]
-Funny Women/Funny Men [GSN, No, VQ=A-]

-Thomas/Taylor (no closing) [BSN, No, VQ=A-]

-Tournament of Champions qualifing show (no intro) [RPT, Yes, VQ=A]
-Hansen/Brown [GSN, No, VQ=A-]

-Two episodes with Price is Right vs. The Young and the Restless [GSN, No, VQ=A]

-The Price is Right vs. The Young and the Restless [GSN, No, VQ=A]

-January 24; Super Bowl Preview, AFC Quarterbacks/NFC Quarterbacks, Game 1[GSN, No, VQ=A]
-January 27 or 28; Super Bowl Preview, AFC Quarterbacks/NFC Quarterbacks, Game 4 or 5 [GSN, No, VQ=A]
-Finale [GSN, No, VQ=B]

Family Feud - 1994-1995 - Host: Richard Dawson (2 Episodes)
This run just doesn't seem to have any life whatsoever. Not the same Richard Dawson we saw hosting the 70s version.

-Premiere (no closing) [GSN, No, VQ=B]
-Family Info Coming Soon [OB, No, VQ=B-]

Family Feud - 1999-2002 - Host: Louie Anderson (2 Episodes)
Feud has really gone down the toilet.

-Dubra/Spoerri [OB, No, VQ=A-]
-Sosa/Lamping [OB, No, VQ=A]

Family Feud (Australia) - 1989-1996 - Host: John Deeks (1 Episode)
Only four family members, tacky music, and some questionable judging make this version pretty sorry. John Deeks is pretty good, though.

-Kite/Murphy [OB, Yes, VQ=B+]

Figure it Out [Family Style/Wild Style] - 1997-1999 - Host: Summer Sanders (65 Episodes)
Nickelodeon's last good show... until Family Style came around the corner at which point it became near intollerable. Summer Sanders is a horrible host.

-Premiere; Moira Quirk/Amanda Bynes/Danny Tamberelli/Lori Beth Denberg; Barefoot Trick Water Skier & Invented Remote Controled Vacuum Cleaner [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Mike O'Malley/Josh Server/Danny Tamberelli/Lori Beth Denberg; Member of African stilt dancing group/Spaghetti bridge builder, second episode [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Marc Weiner/Amanda Bynes/Danny Tamberelli/Jenna Lee Green; Discovered New Type of Bug & Won Smelly Sneaker Contest [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Phil Moore/Irene Ng/Taran Noah Smith/Lori Beth Denberg; Hangs Lizard From Tounge & Popped World's Largest Box of Popcorn [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Kevin Kopelow/Presleysla Edwards/Danny Tamberelli/Lori Beth Denberg; Bends Body into Donut and Rolls & Holds Twenty Quarters in His Neck [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Moira Quirk/Amandy Bynes/Danny Tamberelli/Lori Beth Denberg; Owns best dressed rat/Puts little sister in a bubble [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Marc Weiner/Amanda Bynes/Danny Tamberelli/Lori Beth Denberg; Cow chip tossing champion/Invented the talking toilet; ends during credits [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Marc Weiner/Amanda Bynes/Danny Tamberelli/Lori Beth Denberg; Expert gymnastic rope skipper/Invented tissure holder hat [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Marc Weiner/Amanda Bynes/Danny Tamberelli/Jenna Lee Green; Won hog calling contest/Made a ball of toe jam [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Mike O'Malley/Josh Server/Danny Tamberelli/Lori Beth Denberg; Accuracy and freestyle frisbee champion/Play recorder with noses [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Kevin Kopelow/Danny Tamberelli/Adam Busch/Lori Beth Denberg; Maryland state jousting champion/Invented one minute jumpsuit [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Kevin Kopelow/Danny Tamberelli/Adam Busch/Lori Beth Denberg; Knocks poker chip off ear with yo-yo/Invented backseat fight preventer [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Phil Moore/Alissa Reyes/Adam Busch/Lori Beth Denberg; Makes shoulder blades dance/Plays piano lying on back [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Phil Moore/Alissa Reyes/Adam Busch/Lori Beth Denberg; Bites cheese into shapes of states/Burps a Christmas song [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Marc Weiner/Amanda Bynes/Danny Tamberelli/Lori Beth Denberg; Musical finger snapper/Grows his own foot fungus [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Phil Moore/Amanda Bynes/Danny Tamberelli/Jenna Lee Green; Sheep Barber in Training/Delivered Her Baby Brother [GAS, No, VQ=A]

-Steve Purnick/Christy Knowings/Danny Tabmerelli/Lori Beth Denberg; Invented Splash Catching Tub Gutter & Drove Lawnmower Across Coutnry [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Kordell Stewart/Erin J. Dean/Kenan Thompson/Lori Beth Denberg; Performs Split from Elephant's Head & Born with Big Dipper on Back [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Moria Quirk/Irene Ng/Danny Tamberelli/Lori Beth Denberg; Lunch Box Derby Record Holders & Bug Bowl Cricket Spitting Champion [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-The Giant/Amanda Bynes/Danny Tamberelli/Lori Beth Denberg; Invented electronic doorbell answering maching/Dog drinks milk from her mouth [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Kevin Kopelow/Josh Server/Kel Mitchell/Lori Beth Denberg; Spins and somersaults on sister's feet/Brother eats cereal from chest bowl [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Kevin Kopelow/Josh Server/Shane Sweet/Lori Beth Denberg; Junior dog obstale running champion/Made pool raft from recycled bottles [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Joe Namath/Leon Frierson/Danny Tamberelli/Lori Beth Denberg; Sketches portraits by turning nobs/Invented no hands gerbil belt [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Neil Smith/Erin J. Dean/Kenan Thompson/Lori Beth Denberg; Gives pet monkeys makeovers and manicures/Invented scented shoelaces for stinky feet [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Kevin Kopelow/Abanda Bynes/Danny Tamberelli/Lori Beth Denberg; Sings with dog in beanbag chair/Stars in celebrity photo collection [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Moria Quirk/Irene Ng/Danny Tamberelli/Lori Beth Denberg; Invented jet spray dog washer/Collected over 15,000 shark teeth [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-The Giant/Amanda Bynes/Danny Tamberelli/Lori Beth Denberg; Plays cello with bare feet/Collects human hair to make dolls [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Moira Quirk/Irene Ng/Danny Tamberelli/Lori Beth Denberg; Collects chewed gum to freshen car/Saved dog's life with Heimlich maneuver [GAS, No, VQ=A-]
-Taran Noah Smith/Amanda Bynes/Danny Tamberelli/Lori Beth Denberg; World downhill shovel racing champion/Invented sticky fly swatter cover [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Kevin Kopelow/Leon Frierson/Danny Tamberelli/Lori Beth Denberg; Plays giant Japanese drums/Play armpit music with straws [GAS, No, VQ=A]

Family Style:
-Kevin Kopelow/Michelle Trachenberg/Robert Ri'Chard/Lori Beth Denberg; Blow on Tails of Armored Animals & Invented Peanut Butter Jar with Two Lids [GAS, No, VQ=B+]
-Kevin Kopelow/Irene Ng/Michelle Trachenberg/Lori Beth Denberg; Skip Stones on Water to Win Contest & Designed Champion Miniature Sun Powered Car [GAS, No, VQ=A-]
-Kevin Kopelow/Shannon Miller/Danny Tamberelli/Lori Beth Denberg; Hangs daughter from hair with headpiece/Loosen limbs to imitate rag doll [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Travis White/Amanda Bynes/Danny Tamberelli/Lori Beth Denberg; Carry miniature kangaroos in backpacks/Invented elastic bracelet for heart monitor [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Kevin Kopelow/Irene Ng/Michelle Trachtenberg/Lori Beth Denberg; National junior miniature golf champion and caddy/Invented air blowing soup cooling spoon [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Aaron Carter/Kenan Thompson/Danny Tamberelli/Lori Beth Denberg; Champion latin ballroom dancers and teacher/Invented and built toilet seat lifter upper [GAS, No, VQ=A-]
-Phil Moore/Kenan Thompson/Danny Tamberelli/Lori Beth Denberg; Build and ride mechanical bull/Proposed law to control cheating parking meters [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Phil Moore/Meagan Good/Danny Tamberelli/Lori Beth Denberg; Fly light frame aircraft with no engine/Holds breath to make heart shaped throat [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Travis White/Amanda Bynes/Danny Tamberelli/Lori Beth Denberg; Gave youngest champion first word board game/Hange moms earrings from braces [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Phil Moore/Meagan Good/Danny Tamberelli/Lori Beth Denberg; Play hockey in melted ice/Invented glow in the dark safety marker [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Kevin Kopelow/Irene Ng/Michelle Trachtenberg/Lori Beth Denberg; Race hot rods on straight track/Cooks favorite sauce of spaghetti eating champion [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Phil Moore/Meagan Good/Danny Tamberelli/Lori Beth Denberg; Perform cartwheels and pirouettes with kayak/Build famous landmarks with drinking straws [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Hardy Rawls/Judy Grafe/Mike Marona/Danny Tamberelli; Performs handstand balancing on father's hands/Dressed crab as Egyptian queen for pageant [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Phil Moore/Kenan Thompson/Kel Mitchell/Lori Beth Denberg; Flips pancakes fast with frying pan/Lost rusty wheel valve cover race [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Kevin Kopelow/Elanor Noble/Christy Knowings/Lori Beth Denberg; Pull flag on rope over line/Invented crumb catcher for car [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Phil Moore/Kenan Thompson/Kel Mithcell/Lori Beth Denberg; Hot dog performing champion double dutch team/Dig up and study mammal bones [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Kevin Kopelow/Michelle Trachtenberg/Robert Ri'chard/Lori Beth Denberg; Saddles bird for ostrich jockey/Human pinwheel on monkey bars and spotter [GAS, No, VQ=A]

Wild Style:
-Rondell Sherridan/Christie Knowings/Danny Tamberelli/Erin J. Dean; Won Famous Alaskan Junior Sled Dog Race & Turns Bird into Rabbit in Magic Show [GAS, No, VQ=A-]
-Mark Saul/Shane Sweet/Arjay Smith/Steve Burns; Saved Pig with Mouth to Snout Resuscitation & Won Rooster Call Crowing Contest [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Jesse Camp/Mark Saul/Rondell Sherridan/Erin J. Dean; Trains stock dogs to round up sheep/Count fish with laser beam [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Mya/Mark Saul/Kareem Blackwell/Shane Sweet; Tickled lizard to win race/Won best trick with snoring dog [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Kevin Kopelow/Amanda Bynes/Tara Lipinski/Christy Knowings; Races pigs around oval track/Helps dogs beat heat in style [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Doug E. Doug/Amanda Bynes/Boris Cabrera/Erin J. Dean; Rescues white tiger cubs/Won large deer hard antler competition [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Kevin Kopelow/Amanda Bynes/Dave Aizer/Christy Knowings; Makes guinea pigs into movie stars/Skunk won prettiest tail in show [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Nasty Knobs/Danny Tamberelly/Sherman Hemsley/Kareem Blackwell; Teaches dog to fetch from pool bottom/Ties bows on goats in rodeo [GAS, No, VQ=A-]
-Mark Saul/Shane Sweet/Arjay Smith/Steve Burns; Imitates baby alligator danger call/Built squirrel proof bird feeder from bottles [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Kevin Kopelow/Amanda Bynes/Tara Lipinski/Christy Knowings; Coach rats to fast break and jam/Snails up face in race [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Hacksaw Jim Dugan/Mark Saul/Kareem Blackwell/Shane Sweet; Fits horses for metal shoes/Stands hypnotised lobsters upside down [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Mark Saul/Shane Sweet/Arjay Smith/Steve Burns; Owns fastest water turtle in derby/Invented backpack for collecting dog waste [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Colin Mochrie/Amanda Bynes/Kevin Kopelow/Kareem Blackwell; Clipped most cow hair to win contest/Collects spit samples from dogs mouths [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Kevin Kopelow/Amanda Bynes/Dave Aizer/Christy Knowings; Grind organ with performing monkey/Made history by naming state amphibian [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Evander Holifield/Amanda Bynes/Schuyler Fisk/Kareem Blackwell; Trains monkeys to ride ponies for bananas/Breeds and shows blue ribbon rats [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Kevin Kopelow/Amanda Bynes/Tara Lipinski/Christy Knowings; Trains pigs to belly flop from platform/Writes messages for dog fortune cookies [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Evander Holifield/Amanda Bynes/Kareem Blackwell/Christy Knowings; Goves hoot for meat eating bird/Designed paw powered cat toy [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Rondell Sheridan/Christy Knowings/Mark Saul/Erin J. Dean; Coaches Ducks to Win Waddle Races/Dog Pushed Rock as Hobby [GAS, No, VQ=A]

Finders Keepers (Nickelodeon) - 1987-1988 - Host: Wesley Eure (30 Episodes)
Double Dare's success lead to Nickeloden trying to duplicate its popularity. Didn't work as well as they would have hoped.

-Premiere; Kathy/Tim vs. Lacey/Justin [OB, Yes, VQ=A]
-Rennie/Rachel vs. Chris/Erica [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Mike/Vashty vs. Tony/Zakia [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Harold/Amanda vs. Megan/Rob [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Mike/Karen vs. Chris/Dianne; Holiday episode [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Dan/Jill vs. Michelle/Derek [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Brian/Gayle vs. Eric/Erin [OB, Yes, VQ=B+]
-Ingrid/Mike vs. Almin/Lila [OB, Yes, VQ=B+]

-January 14; Matt/Katie vs. Kira/Damon [OB, Yes, VQ=B+]
-Dennis/Kristen vs. Vineh/Stephanie [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Linda/Willy vs. Andre/Betsy [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Valenda/Harry vs. Amy/Scott [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Lrone/Eni vs. Erin/Darnell [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Steve/Alisa vs. Ralph/Leslie [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Jen/Eddie vs. Jenna/Joe [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Allen/Elizabeth vs. Steve/Amy [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Han/James vs. Corinna/Dan [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Jennider/Jeff vs. Jermaine/Maria [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Sears/Timothy vs. Dana/Adrian [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Tom/Carly vs. Donnie/Theresa [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Jason/Jung vs. Shantha/Dan [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Melanie/Lance vs. Reggie/Ronnette [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Colleen/Phillip vs. Michael/Mandy [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Theresa/Charles vs. Nicole Mark [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Dante/Marisol vs. Taft/Lisa [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Stacey/Rodney vs. Kevin/Lynn [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Jerome/Holly vs. Kathleen/Rick, A couple of technical missteps in the first segment [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Sala/Sean vs. Joe/Heather [GAS, No, VQ=A-]
-Jason/Debbie vs. Joe/Janine [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Brian/Jessica vs. Kirk/Heather [GAS, No, VQ=A]

Finders Keepers (Syndicated) - 1988-1989 - Host: Larry Toffler (35 Episodes)
Even though Toffler is a better host, this syndicated version was gone after one season.

-Celebrity episode with David Faustino & Brian Green [OB?, No, VQ=B]
-Juan/Esther vs. Diana/Prentice; Digital cable glitches throughout [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Liza/JaMar vs. Carissa/David; Carissa was on Fun House in 1989 [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Jeff/LaTrice vs. Amanda/Jose [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Marnie/Mike vs. Bradley/Bonnie [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Byron/Nikki vs. Ed/Anna [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Patricia/Jason vs. Carrie/Neil [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Lindsay/Robert vs. Lydia/Scott [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Monica/Santiago vs. Angelica/Mike [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Ricky/Jenny vs. D.C. (YEAH!!)/Crystal [GAS, No, VQ=A-]
-Tiesha/Tony vs. Robert/Arlette [GAS, No, VQ=A-]
-Angela/Paul vs. Brandy/Dez [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Brittany/Tavi vs. Holly/Chris [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Josh/Rachel vs. Mike/Melainie [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Ginny/Brent vs. Nicole/Matthew [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Tony/Jessica vs. Kelly/Dan [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Ginger/Dwight vs. Mike/Jacquie [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Chris/Michelle vs. Alyssa/Jeff; Alyssa was on the premiere of I'm Telling! [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Michael/Brett vs. Morgan/Casey [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Monica/Brandon vs. George/Kimberly [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Salvator/Celina vs. Randy/Melissa [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Eddie/Heather vs. Adrian/Jenny [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Katie/Audrey vs. Guino/Corey [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Abbie/Edgar vs. Stephanie/Jed [GAS, No, VQ=A-]
-Karim/Chantal vs. John/Amanda [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Jason/Gina vs. Anita/Eric [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Joe/Deanna vs. Ryan/Laura [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Jeremy/Abbie vs. Piper/Danny [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Jenny/Richie vs. Michelle/Cezar [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Jamie/Christian vs. Cambize/Sarah [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Shauna/Tony vs. Jared/Cayla [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Jenny/Billy vs. Fabian/Elizabeth [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Jennifer/Kiari vs. Kira/David [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Jeff/Christy vs. Robert/Christy [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Rene/Brian vs. Jennifer/Amid [GAS, No, VQ=A]

5 4 3 2 Run! (Canada) - 1988-1990 - Host: Andrew Cochrane (1 Episode)
Pretty decent Canadian kid's show, theme music aside. Interesting note: host Andrew Cochrane is now a lawyer.

-One episode [OB?, No, VQ=B]

Fun House (Syndicated) - 1988-1990 - Host: J.D. Roth (52 Episodes)
My first favorite show! My recordings of this from back in the day constitute the oldest tape I have.

Season One:
First house - (1988):
-Pilot; Different house, four stunts and a $25,000 prize package [SM, No, VQ=B+]
-September 3; Hour-long premiere; Staci Keenan, Danny Ponce, Danny Pintauro, & Soleil Moon Frye [OB, Yes, VQ=B+]
-From Teen Stars Week, Tiffany Brissette vs. Jerry Suprian [OB, No, VQ=A]
-Jennifer/Ryan vs. Etan/Roni [OB, No, VQ=A]
-Rachel/Gary vs. Angela/David [OB, No, VQ=A]
-Radha/Jaga vs. Nicole/Sean [OB, No, VQ=A]
-Rachel/Joe vs. Julie/Matt [OB, No, VQ=A]
-Chocolate Day [OB, No, VQ=B+]
-Janet/Eric vs. Danile/David [OB, Yes, VQ=A]
-Eileen/Chris vs. Yvonne/George [OB, Yes, VQ=B]
-Howard/Claire vs. Jason/Nancy; One greedy jerk spens almost all of his team's time in the Fun House by himself! [OB, Yes, VQ=A]
-Salute to Mexico; Faizah/Derrick vs. Kimberly/Seth [OB, Yes, VQ=B]
-Thanksgiving episode [OB, Yes, VQ=B]
-Amber/Arvin vs. Shara/Chris [OB, No, VQ=A]
-Heather/Vincent vs. Sandy/Rudy [OB, No, VQ=A]
-Tracey/Kenneth vs. Rony/Neil [OB, No, VQ=A]

Second house - (1988-1989):
-Chinese Food Day, Andie/Ross vs. Morgan/Kyle (begins at second stunt) [OB, No, VQ=A]
-Western Day, Franchesca/Steve vs. Andrea/David (ends during Grand Prix Race) [OB, No, VQ=A]
-Stephanie/Quixari vs. Eric/Carrie [OB, No, VQ=A]
-December 23, Christmas episode; Sam/Jon vs. Elizabeth/Jimmy [OB, No, VQ=B+]
-Mark/Keri vs. Andrew/Carolyn [OB, Yes, VQ=B+]
-Gia/Mike vs. Kip/Katrina (no credits) [OB, Yes, VQ=A-]
-Nicki/Scott vs. Narate/Jeffrey [OB, No, VQ=B+]

-February 9, Salute to the 50 States: Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island; Sara Gilbert vs. Benji Gregory [OB, No, VQ=A]
-February 10, Salute to the 50 States: Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico; Sara Gilbert vs. Benji Gregory [OB, No, VQ=A]
-February 13, Salute to the 50 States: Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma; Tiffany/Jake vs. Kara/Christopher [OB, No, VQ=A]
-February 15, Salute to the 50 States: West Virginia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey; Shannon/Chris vs. Shandi/Dawson; Shannon and Chris were on I'm Telling! previously [OB, No, VQ=A]
-February 20, Salute to the 50 States: Washington D.C. and Presidents Day; Soleil Moon Frye vs. Jeremy Miller [OB, No, VQ=A]
-February 21, Salute to the 50 States: Utah, Wyoming and Colorado; Soleil Moon Frye vs. Jeremy Miller [OB, No, VQ=A]
-February 22, Salute to the 50 States: Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee; Soleil Moon Frye vs. Jeremy Miller [OB, No, VQ=A]
-February 23, Salute to the 50 States: New York; Soleil Moon Frye & Jeremy Miller [OB, Yes, VQ=A]
-March 1, Salute to the 50 States: Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire; Pat/Adam vs. Barbie/David [OB, No, VQ=B+]
-March; Emily/Daniel vs. Walter/Jennifer; The cheerleaders are pied in the opening -- Yes the entire show, not just the clip that's floating around [OB, No, VQ=A]
-May 12; Mother's Day [OB, Yes, VQ=B+]

Season Two:
Third house - (1989):
-September; Seven Seas Day; one of the first episodes taped this season (audio slightly out of sync with video) [OB, No, VQ=B-]
-September 27; Dorace/Anthony vs. Julie/Nathan (no credits) [OB, Yes, VQ=A]
-September 28; Alexis/Anthony vs. Tiefa/Michael; one of the first episodes taped this season; Winning team was in Tournament of Champions [OB, Yes, VQ=A]
-September 29; Amanda/Josh vs. Shauna/Enoch; one of the first episodes taped this season [OB, Yes, VQ=A]
-October 2; April/Tim vs. Allison/Robert (no inrto & video blanks out during first question) [OB, Yes, VQ=A]
-October 4; May/Ricky vs. Courtney/Scott; one of the first episodes taped this season (no intro or credits) [OB, Yes, VQ=A]
-October 5; Nicole/Jonathan vs. Kristin/Steve [OB, Yes, VQ=A]
-Tiffany/Darius vs. Stephanie/Will; winning team was in Tournament of Champions [RPT, Yes, VQ=B+]
-Monet/Wesley vs. Lauren/Jared; most of into missing [OB, Yes, VQ=A-]

Fourth house - (1989-1990):
-December 14; Jill/Steve vs. Erika/Fernando one of the first episodes taped with this house [OB, Yes, VQ=A]
-December 15; Mara/Ian vs. Maggie/Brandon [OB, No, VQ=B]
-December 18; Tiffany/Brian vs. Carrie/Pokey; The Slop Machine is played [OB, Yes, VQ=A-]
-December 19; Erica/Brian vs. Lenah/Alan [OB, Yes, VQ=A-]
-December 20; Carissa/Craig vs. Sonja/Joel [OB, Yes, VQ=A-]
-December 25; Christmas show; Danielle/John vs. Ryan/Stacy [OB, No, VQ=B]
-Stephanie/Michael vs. Jackie/Daniel [OB, Yes, VQ=A-]

-Friday of week with The Boys; The Boys sing a song in lieu of the second stunt [OB, No, VQ=B+]

Fifth House - 1990:
-Salute to the Nations of the World; Heather/Michael vs. Sarah/Peter [OB, No, VQ=A]

Fun House (FOX) - 1990-1991 - Host: J.D. Roth (15 Episodes)
Fun House was taken into a back alley, beaten to a pulp, filmed in a ghetto and moved to FOX's Saturday morning lineup where it was left to suffocate with little fanfare.

-September 7, Premiere; Stacey/Jesse vs. Jessica/Chris [OB, Yes, VQ=A]
-September 8; Bonus round (and preceding commercial break) of thr first episode in regular Saturday morning, 10:30 AM time slot [OB, Some, VQ=A]
-September 10; Douglas Emerson & Bryan Austin Green guest star [OB, Yes, VQ=A]
-September 11; Jodie Sweeten & Michael Fishman guest star; salute the The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes [OB, Yes, VQ=A]
-September 12; Kellie Williams & Jaleel White guest star; salute the Peter Pan & The Pirates [OB, Yes, VQ=A]
< -September 13; Josh Saviano & Jenny Beck guest star; salute to Peter Pan and the Pirates [OB, Yes, VQ=A]
-September 14; Danny Pinauro & Leonadro DiCarpio guest star [OB, Yes, VQ=A]
-Katie/Steven vs. Rachelle/Todd [OB, No, VQ=A-]
-Tricia/David vs. James/Jodie [OB, No, VQ=B-]
-Todd/Danielle vs. Chanelle/Anirta [OB, No, VQ=B-]
-Christina/Richard vs. Julie/Bryan; The kids brought their family dogs to the Grand Prix Race. Strange, but cool! (no credits) [OB, No, VQ=B]
-Gina/R.C. vs. Amy/Ryan [OB, No, VQ=B]
-Debbie/Andrew vs. Karlyn/Ryan [OB, Yes, VQ=A-]

-January, Jenny/Greg vs. Sarah/Paul [OB, Yes, VQ=A]
-Chastity/Ryan vs. Erin/Matt [OB, No, VQ=A]
-February 23, Megan/Nick vs. Jamie/Alan [OB, Yes, VQ=A]

Fun House (U.K.) - 1990-1999 - Host: Pat Sharp (2 Episodes)
Our version is better overall, but their Grand Prix Race kicks our ass! If nothing else, get this for Pat Sharp's mullet. He looks like a member of Danger Danger or Black 'N Blue!

-Georgie/Stuart vs. Helen/Kevin [OB, No, VQ=B+]
-Andrea/David vs. Robert/Emma; video problems during second and third stunts [OB, No, VQ=A-]

Gambit - 1990 (Unsold pilot) - Host: Bob Eubanks (1 Episode)
All right Blackjack game, I guess.

-Pilot with slate, taped October 20, 1990 [SM, No, VQ=A-]

Get the Picture - 1991 - Host: Mike O'Malley (34 Episodes)
Pretty good, although sometimes underwhelming Nickelodeon show hosted by the very hyper Mike O'Malley.

Season One:
-Jennifer/Duncan vs. Allison/Brad [OB?, No, VQ=A-]
-Tammy/Jason vs. Sharon/Tamor [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Jennith/Mike vs. Abbie/Caz; O'Malley is a little punchy today [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Katrina/David vs. Kerry/Charlie [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Ann/Brian vs. Sidney/Valinsky; Mike is caught sleeping on the job [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Krissy/Damon vs. Tiffany/Adam [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Shanine/Josh vs. Sarah/Manuel [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Kimberly/Certrone vs. Kim/Willie; Digital cable glitches throughout [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Adonica/Mason vs. Bobbi/Jeremy [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Jennifer/Tony vs. Aliah/Jay [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Claudine/Austin vs. Emily/Anthony [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Angel/Josh vs. Keva/Robert [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Amy/John vs. Melissa/Eric [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Christie/Brent vs. Becky/Rob [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Avani/Dan vs. Jenny/Steve [OB, Yes, VQ=A]

Season Two:
-The casts of Clarissa Explains it All & Welcome Freshman play against each other [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Natalie/Eric vs. Cruz/Garrett [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Renee/Cody vs. Nicole/Trey [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Adria/Steve vs. Kathy/Ed [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Karah/Joey vs. Elena/Billy [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Jessica/Scott vs. Danielle/Mike [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-LeeAnn/Jason vs. Amanda/Larry [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Becky/Brian vs. Tara/Joel; Incredibly bizzaire sports play-by-play themed episode [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Kanika/Jimmy vs. Desirae/Tyson; Jimmy was also on GUTS in 1993 [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Rachel/John vs. Kim/Willie [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Jada/Bobby vs. Elizabeth/Doug [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Billy/David vs. Shanna/Jodi; Twins [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Matt/Brianna vs. Sarah/Jeff [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Scott/Karen vs. Kasey/Ralph [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Charlie/Brenda vs. Stacey/Tori [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Tony/Kelly vs. Shea/Ryan; Shea was also on Legends of the Hidden Temple in 1993 [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Chris/Erica vs. Jackie/William [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Sean/Ashly vs. Sherri/Andy [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-David/Kathy vs. Erin/Ryan [GAS, No, VQ=A]

Go - 1983-1984 - Host: Kevin O'Connell (2 Episode)
The bonus round from Chain Reaction got its own show. Sadly, it was only around for 16 weeks.

-Premiere; Elaine Joyce/Richard Kline [GSN, No, VQ=B-]
-November 22; Bonnie Urseth/Michael J. Fox [GSN, No, VQ=B]

The Grand Prix All Star Show - 1982 - Hosts: Michael Young & Teri Ann Linn (1 Episode)
I'm not really sure what I can say about this show. They race go-karts; that was kind of fun...

-November 13; Jenilee Harrison/Jay Johnson/David Cassidy [OB, Some, VQ=A-]

Grandstand - 1988-1989 - Host: Curt Chaplin (1 Episode)
Average sports trivia show with an intriguing bonus round.

-Franco Harris/Jay Johnstone/Brian Trottier [OB, Some, VQ=B-]

Greed - 1999-2000 - Host: Chuck Woolery (4 Episodes)
Millionaire/Weakest Link hybrid that I never cared for at all. Way too cutthroat for my palate.

-November 24 [OB, Yes, VQ=A]
-December 2 [OB, Yes, VQ=A]
-December 9 [OB, Yes, VQ=A]
-December 10 [OB, Yes, VQ=A]

High Rollers - 1974-1980 - Host: Alex Trebeck (5 Episodes)
Simple show that's lots of fun played on a very ugly set.

-May 19; Daphne/Gene; Gene gets incredibly lucky and wins the state of Oklahoma [SM, No, VQ=B-]

-March 27; Candice/Pearl [OB, Yes, VQ=B+]
-December 31; Jane/Donna [OB, Yes, VQ=B+]

-March 18; Maryanne/Cheryl [OB, Yes, VQ=A-]
-June 20, Alex's "tipsy" finale; Richard/Betty [OB, Some, VQ=C+]

High Rollers - 1987-1988 - Host: Wink Martindale (22 Episodes)
The music and set are in improvement over the previous version, but the addition of the mini games were not a good idea. Still, I prefer this version for some reason.

-Pilot; Note the terrible blue screen behind the contestants. Includes a pitchfilm with a very bizziare (and ludicrous) aspect that thankfully never made it to the show. [SM, No, VQ=A]
-Premiere [OB, Yes, VQ=B-]
-Wendy/Al, Third Episode [USA, No, VQ=A-]
-Wendy/Al, Fourth Episode [USA, Some, VQ=A-]
-Darlene/Brian [USA, Yes, VQ=A-]
-Julie/Nevin [USA, Yes, VQ=A-]
-Cheryl at the Big Numbers, Tom $10,000 win! [OB, No, VQ=C+]
-Claudia/Rick [USA, No, VQ=B]
-Jerry at the Big Numbers, Jerry/Jean [USA, No, VQ=B-]
-Irene/Chris [USA, No, VQ=A-]
-Jeanine/Greg [USA, No, VQ=A-]
-Carolyn/Rick [USA, No, VQ=B+]
-John at Big Numbers; John/Teresa [OB, No, VQ=B-]
-Teresa/Rick [OB, No, VQ=B+]
-Tracey/Rick [OB, No, VQ=B+]
-December 22; Nancy/Robert; Has slate [SM, No, VQ=A]

-January; Carolyn/Mike [OB, No, VQ=A-]
-January 22; Cheryl/Richard; $10,000 win! [USA, Yes, VQ=A-]
-January 25; Cheryl/John [SM, No, VQ=B-]
-JoAnn/Tom [OB, Yes, VQ=A-]
-Kasey at Big Numbers, Kasey/Kory [OB, No VQ=A-]
-Linda/Andrew; Unannounced finale [USA, No, VQ=C]

Hit Man - 1983 - Host: Peter Tomarken (3 Episodes)
Videos instead of still pictures may have been better for the memory recall portions. Other than that, a very good show.

-Barbara/Billie/Kris/Beverly [OB, No, VQ=A]
-Barbara/Dan/Cathy/Leon (No opening) [OB, Yes, VQ=A]
-Finale; "If you would like to be a contestant on Hit Man, FORGET IT!" [OB, Yes, VQ=B-]

The Hollywood Squares - 1966-1981 - Host: Peter Marshall (1 Episode)
While I prefer the 80s version, there is no denying that Peter Marshall was the best host that Hollywood Squares ever saw.

-March 18; Juliet Prowse/Vincent Price/Lani O’Grady/George Goebel/James Brogan/Tom Poston/Rose Marie/Earl Holloman/Wayland Flowers [OB, Yes, VQ=A-]

Hollywood Squares - 1986-1989 - Host: John Davidson (29 Episodes)
My favorite version.

-Pilot (Lonnie Anderson/Burt Reynolds/Marla Gibbs/Dick Butkus & Bubba Somethingorother/Tony Danza/Dom DeLuise/et al) [SM, No, VQ=B-]
-September 12, Premiere (Betty White, Lorenzo Llamas, Bronson Pinchot, Emma Samms, Ithsak Perlman, ect.) [OB?, No, VQ=C-]
-September 19, Fifth episode, Shadoe Stevens' first episode [OB, No, VQ=B]
-Roseanne Barr/Steve Allen/Fred Travalena/Dr. Ruth Westheimer/Mary Lou Retton/Audrey & Judy Landers/Lou Rawls/Richard Simmons (center)/Shadoe Stevens; Jeopardy! is played in round one and a $1,000,000 Chance of a Lifetime home game is given away as a conselation prize. Good episode. [OB, No, VQ=A]
-November 26; Rip Taylor/Shirley Jones/Fred Willard/Edwin Newman/Steven Ford/Finola Hughes/Chris Lemmon/Mindy Cohn/Alf [OB, No, VQ=B+]
-November 27; Alf/Rip Taylor/Edwin Newman/Fred Willard/Steven Ford/Finola Hughes/Chris Lemmon/Mindy Cohn/Shirley Jones [OB, No, VQ=B+]
-November 28; Alf/Rip Taylor/Chris Lemmon/Filona Hughes/Steven Ford/Edwin Newman/Shirley Jones/MIndy Cohn/Fred Willard [OB, Yes, VQ=B+]

-January 23; Soleil Moon Frye/Ray Combs/Lee Weaver/Bernie Kopell/Abbie Dalton/Janice Pennington & Diane parkinson/John Matuszak/Kim Zimmer/Richard Simmons [USA, No, VQ=B]
-March 6; Weird Al Yankovic/Stuart Pankin/Norm Crosby/Justin Wilson/Dixie Carter/Tony O'Dell/Christina Pickles/Teresa Ganzel/Alf; Alf hosts rounds 2 & 3 and John goes into the center square! [USA, No, VQ=B-]
-Alf/Jessica Walter & Ron Liebman/Norm Crosby/Marilyn Michaels/Garry Marshall/Eileen Brennan/Rex Reed & Bil Harris/Jacklyn Zeman/Chuck Woolery (center); shots of control room during opening [OB, No, VQ=A]
-Episode from Hollywood, Florida; Phyllis Diller, Janice Pennington & Dian Parkinson, Jm J. Bullock, etc. [OB, No, VQ=A]
-Second Season premiere (Wil Srhiner, Emma Samms, Ed Begley Jr., et al) [OB?, No, VQ=B+]
-Wedsnday show from premiere week; game show hosts read questions about Peter Piper [OB?, No, VQ=B-]
-Friday from premiere week; Tommy Lasorda makes an appearance! [USA, No, VQ=A]
-The infamous April Fools episode [OB?, Yes, VQ=A-]
-Three episodes from Radio City Music Hall [USA, No, VQ=B-]
-December 2; Joan Rivers/Alan Rachins/Roy Firestone/Jm J. Bullock/Katey Segal & Ed O'Neill/Kim Fields/Bob Eubanks/Brett Butler/Shadoe & Richard Stevens [OB, No, VQ=B-]
-Christmas episode; John Davidson, Jr. & Joan Rivers/Joe Alaskey/Gary Coleman/Jm J. Bulllock/Joan Embrey/Alyssa Milano & Danny Pintauro/Tracy, Brandy, & Missy Gold/Mitch Gaylord/Shadoe Stevens [OB?, Yes, VQ=A-]

-First episodes from Hollywood, Florida; Joan Rivers, Robin Leach, Yakov Smirnoff, Jm J. Bullock, Jayne & Audery Meadows, Kim Fields, Michael Damian, Emma Samms, Shadoe Stevens [USA, No, VQ=A]
-Another episode from Hollywood, Florida with a poolside bowling lane; Joan Rivers, Richard Simmons, Sarah Purcell, Jm J. Bullock, Steve Landesberg, Martin Kove, Spencer Chrisian, Expose, Shadoe Stevens [USA, No, VQ=A]
-Joan Rivers, Ned Beatty, Eric Dickerson, Jm J. Bullock, Carol Channing, Susan Rutan, Mrs. Fields, Rick & Julie Dees, Shadoe Stevens [USA, No, VQ=A]
-Arlene Sorkin (center)/Debbie Gibson/Joe Carcione/Nancy Walker/Tom Poston/Steve Landesberg/et al [USA, No, VQ=A-]
-Friday from same week as above; Steve landesberg in the center [USA, No, VQ=A]
-Monday: Joan Rivers, Mr T., Rose Marie, Jm J. Bullock, Anthony Newley, Peter DeLuise, Jennifer Savadge, Mary Wilson, Shadoe Stevens [USA, No, VQ=A]
-Friday: Joan Rivers, Tom Poston, Charo, Jm J. Bullock, Professor Irwin Corey, Lanie Kazan, Kelsey Grammar, Tia Carerre, Shadoe Stevens [USA, No, VQ=A]
-April 1, Joan Rivers hosts!; John Davidson/Princess Zsa Zsa Gabor/Anne Mirra/Jm J. Bullock/Roddy McDowell/Ileene Graff/Johnny Bench/Marc Summers/Shadoe Stevens [OB, No, VQ=B]
-Third season premiere; Jm J. Bullock is in the center square, and MARC SUMMERS is a square! [USA, No, VQ=B]

-Friday March 3: Joan Rivers, Fred Travalena, Mary Ann Mobely & Gary Collins, Jm J. Bullock, Betty White, J.D. ROTH, Jeff Altman, Chantal, Shadoe Stevens (no closing) [USA, No, VQ=B-]
-Final episode [USA, No, VQ=C]

Hollywood Squares - 1998-2004 - Host: Tom Bergeron (3 Episodes)
I'd probably enjoy it more if the late 90s didn't absolutely suck. Admittedly, the straddling format makes more sense than the old contained format.

-Jason Alexander, Little Richard, Pen & Teller, Mimi Kennedy, Susan Sullivan, Gilbert Gottfried, Judy Gold, Bruce Villanche, & Whoppi Goldberg; The hilarious "YOU FOOL!!" episode [GSN, No, VQ=A-]
-Barry Bostwick/Tommy Smothers/Dick Smothers/Wayne Brady/Rita Rudner/Gilbert Gottfired/Lisa Ann Walter/Bruce Vilanch/Whoppi Goldberg; $38,289 Secret Square offered [OB, Yes, VQ=A]

-Episode From Dynamic Duo Week, Isabel Sanford & Sherman Hemsley/Miss Piggy & Kermit the Frog/Pat & Debby Boone/Paige Davis & Doug Wilson/Joan & Melissa Rivers/Martin Mull & Peggy/Marlee Matlin & Jack Jason/Penn & Teller/Tim Conway & Harvey Korman [OB, Yes, VQ=A]

Home Shopping Game - 1987 - Host: Bob Goen (1 Episode)
A word game combined with shopping from your couch. Almost as exciting as brushing your teeth.

-Brian/Ken [OB, Yes, VQ=A-]

[Celebrity] Hot Potato - 1984 - Host: Bill Cullen (13 Episodes)
Fun show with good intentions, but may have been too much like Family Feud to survive.

-Premiere [GSN, No, VQ=A]
-Bartenders/Beekeepers [GSN, No, VQ=A]
-Telegram Singers/Redheads; GSN split screen, but ending theme dubbed over advertisements [GSN, No, VQ=A]
-Mothers to Be/Travel Agents; GSN split screen, but ending theme dubbed over advertisements [GSN, No, VQ=A]
-Clowns at the Bonus Round; GSN split screen, but ending theme dubbed over advertisements [GSN, No, VQ=A]
-Dentists/Air Traffic Controlers; GSN split screen, but ending theme dubbed over advertisements [GSN, No, VQ=A]
-Dentists/Cookie Makers (ironic, huh?); GSN split screen, but ending theme dubbed over advertisements [GSN, No, VQ=A]
-Dentists at Bonus Round; GSN split screen, but ending theme dubbed over advertisements [GSN, No, VQ=A]
-Little League Coaches at bonus round, vs. Sign Language Interpreters [OB, Yes, VQ=A-]
-Little League Coaches at bonus round, vs. Private Eyes [OB, Yes, VQ=A-]
-Private Eyes/Paralegals; GSN split screen, but ending theme dubbed over advertisements [GSN, No, VQ=A]
-Episode from a Celebrity Week before the celebrity format was permanent; Daytime TV vs. Night Time TV [USA, Yes, VQ=A]

-From the first week of the ridiculous celebrity format; Emma Samms, Phyllis Diller, Rene Enriquez, & Billy Hufsey [GSN, No, VQ=A]