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March 10, 2012:
The last time I updated this site was over two years ago. For those of you who haven't figured out, I'm probably done. I'll still leave all the different pages up for archival purposes (and in case I feel the need to add something), but future updates are more than likely not going to happen.
You can visit my Twitter and Facebook accounts if interested (I am much more active on Twitter than Facebook).


-March 10, 2012: Sign-off.
-January 2, 2010: Updated some graphics in The Basement.
-December 31, 2009: Added one episode and one video clip to The Basement.
-December 28, 2009: Reconfigured the video section of The Basement, renamed it "The Remote Control Playhouse," and added a bunch of new videos.
-December 23, 2009: Uploaded Christmas episode of Remote Control to The Basement.

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